Religious Education

Religious Education

Lifelong learning for ALL ages – Welcoming all families

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If you promised yourself you’d provide your children with a well-rounded religious education when they were old enough, why not now?

Our religious education teaches children and youth about how to face the dilemmas and choices of their everyday lives. We help them make decisions about the people they want to become and the world they want to help create. We prepare them to build bridges, not walls as they grow up in our increasingly diverse and multicultural world.

They learn about all the great faith traditions, the wonder of nature, ethical decision making and living responsibly in the world.

We help kids grow. We do this in a safe place. We’re an open and welcoming community, welcoming all families.

We anchor our study with a commitment to justice, love, trust, anti-oppression, reason, and an open-mind and kind heart.

 By the way, we teach the same things to adults.

Good stuff for all of us to learn, on Sundays and everyday.

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